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Apr 20, 2020

May 22th 2020




Reboot the Future HealthTech Online Pitching is co-organized together with Slush China, inXso, Health Capital Helsinki and Upgraded.

Apply for Reboot the Future – HealthTech Online Pitching to Venture Capital Investors with Slush China.

inXso provides a unique opportunity to apply for HealthTech Online Pitching in collaboration with Slush China in their forthcoming session for startup companies striving to innovate solutions to improve healthcare.

Slush China has invested time in organising a series of ‘Reboot the Future’ online pitching events revolving around several high-tech and deep-tech themes. The aim is to build a digital platform inspired by the digital leap and catalysed by the worldwide pandemic.

The first online event, open to global HealthTech startup teams, will take place on May 22nd in collaboration with Slush China, Nordic Hubs Health Capital Helsinki, and Upgraded to Venture Capital investors, corporate representatives, and startup communities. There will be significant participation from the Chinese Venture Capital investment companies focused on HealthTech, BioPharma, and BioMedTech, so if the Chinese healthcare market is in your company’s future interests, this event may just be worth investing some time in.

Reboot the Future is an excellent opportunity to seek investors’ insights from specialist investment groups such as ZhenFund, MicroPort, and GTJA Investment Groups and build collaboration towards Chinese markets. The jury will select for the final pitch the six best startups – three European or Global startups together with three Chinese startups – to represent their innovation to an audience of 400 entrepreneurs, investors, and company representatives around the world in a virtual event that is not only location-independent but easy to participate from your home office.

Take note of the important dates and apply for HealthTech Online Pitching for an exciting competition with other innovative HealthTech startups on the virtual platform.

Beijing sky scraper & cctv tower

Apply for Reboot the Future HealthTech Online Pitching to Venture Capital Investors with Slush China by scanning the code on the image above or using the link for registration.

Take a note on the important dates!

Why You Should Apply for HealthTech Online Pitching?

The Chinese healthcare market is the second largest in the world and, in many respects, quite unique. While the Chinese healthcare system is largely dependent on imported healthcare technology, the local market adapts fairly quickly to new technology.

On the other hand, they are interested in emerging and breakthrough healthcare technologies, and local investors and partners are keen to work with European and global companies in the sector.

However, success in the Chinese market requires specific knowledge of local regulations, reimbursement practicalities, intellectual property management, an adaptation of the business model, and an understanding of networking in Chinese cultural contexts.

The Reboot the Future Health Tech online pitching aims to connect European and global startup communities with their Chinese counterparts and promote collaboration in technology for healthcare. For the participants, it is an opportunity to gain feedback outside their ecosystems, improve their pitch for the global audience, seek investment opportunities, and, most importantly – build international partnerships towards the Chinese healthcare market. After the online pitching event, Health Tech Track will continue to help members improve investor and startup community relations in China.

Are you interested in applying for this unique opportunity? The application period starts on May 1st and ends on May 10th. To apply, please follow the registration link on the left panel or simply scan the code on the poster above.
The event will be held entirely in English, and a practical guide for participants will be sent once the application has been approved after a preliminary screening by the organisers.

Important dates:

1st May: Registration opens for Startups

10th May: End of registration for Startups

22nd May: Online pitching

Who may apply for the HeatlhTech Online Pitching?

The invitation to Reboot the future HealthTech online pitching is open for startup companies to apply globally, and we primarily focus on teams in incubators. However, it is open for any startup with innovation to improve healthcare. The innovation could provide solutions in form of digital health, biomedical technology, or medical devices, for example.

Do not hesitate to join the virtual community!