HealthTech Internationalization Projects focused on Switzerland, Japan and China

September 15, 2020


Satu Peltonen

Beijing sky scraper & cctv tower

Download the deck for HealthTech track China here.

New Healthcare Technology Internationalization Projects

Is it a good time to start an internationalization project? Perhaps this is the first question that comes to mind? Using the opposite argument: Why would it not be?
One has to keep in mind that planning an effective internationalization with a good strategy and essential activities is a longterm project that spans from a half year to several years – depending on the target market. Half a year invested in internationalization is enough to outline a strategy at its best and to get a vague understanding of the market dynamics.

China-Focused Coaching

To provide the essentials to plan a HealthTech market entry strategy to China, inXso has created a coaching track starting with a deep-dive into the Healthcare sector and market dynamics that will give an outlook of the current market demand and future trends in healthcare technology.

The core of the coaching is a three-day workshop that will help the participants to create a strategy that concentrates on the central questions of HealthTech internationalization; regulatory landscape, IP & reimbursement strategies, R&D and know-how management with core competencies and business models.

At the end of the coaching is a mentoring session for participants that will focus on the practical side, such as market research and distribution with partnerships and funding opportunities.

The main take away of the coaching track is a market entry strategy plan that functions as a basis for future internationalization activities in setting up an operative business.

The participation for the coaching track is limited for 10 to 15 participants, and registration is through Eventbrite.

Download the schedule for the HealthTech track China here.

Beijing sky scraper & cctv tower

Active Approach to Switzerland and Japan

When it comes to healthcare technology, Switzerland and Japan have more in common than one might think. The keywords are demographics, government initiatives and healthcare digitalization.

Beijing sky scraper & cctv tower

Download the deck for Switzerland and Japan project here.

The healthcare technology internationalization project to Switzerland and Japan is not limited to coaching, although creating a market entry strategy is an essential part of the project.

This project is primarily for HealthTech companies who are seeking market growth by expanding to Switzerland or Japan or both.
The idea is to use the synergy created by the cooperation of several HealthTech companies who share similar interests in market expansion.

The project starts in October with the group formation, and there will be more information coming about funding possibilities and other practicalities to consider in the next month.



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