inXso is glad to share our new partnership goals with BrainStormCorner, founded as a business think tank with global roots, born right next to Tampere University campus. BrainStormCorner is a versatile toolbox of business services and research commercialization, based on long international and multidisciplinary experience.

“While Finnish, we are extremely multilingual.”

With our common goals, inXso and BrainStormCorner will strive forwards to provide valuable insights for co-innovative solutions and international business development through upcoming collaboration offerings.

What to look forward to?

Through the partnership, both inXso and BrainStormCorner can provide a unique and in-depth insight into the international development of technology companies. We provide a platform for Finnish and foreign companies and start-ups. We help you to take the right steps towards building your business in Finland, or to develop your offering and expand abroad.

Our clients benefit from our multidisciplinary understanding of different technologies, as we speak both business and technology. We have long-standing international business insight in East Asia and Europe, which allows our clients to overcome barriers to market entry, identify business opportunities and provide practical solutions tailored to their needs.

Outstanding services currently available:

Companies and startups receive support for ideation, facilitation, engagement, project planning and hands-on experience for:

For very early stage entrepreneurs:

This support system is available for very early stage entrepreneurs in Tampere region. There are no restrictions for the company’s field of activity. Tailored, intensive and valuable business development packages are available for those individuals who send an application and are accepted into the program: Pirkanmaan Yrittäjyysbuusti, Pirkanmaa Entrepreneurial Boost – BrainStormCorner 

Learn more at BrainStormCorner

About inXso

Born internationally, we are helping innovators open up new lines of research and technology that are disrupting existing healthcare ecosystems.

inXso provides services in the healthcare sector with three focus areas:

The Entrepreneurial Boost Program

The Entrepreneurial Boost program – or Yrittäjyysbuusti in Finnish – is a program co-funded by the Pirkanmaa region Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment, TE Services, and the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment of Finland. The program is a unique service model to support the entrepreneurial aspirations of early-stage entrepreneurs who are at the beginning of an entrepreneurial venture or business journey.


Life Science & Medical Technology EXPO’s in Asia 2022 – Where you should start

Expos, trade fairs, and shows are a way to build business networks and search for partners that open new potential markets. It brings a lot of positive exposure for companies and their innovations, builds customer interest, and opens doors for collaborative projects along the life science and medical technology value chain.

Horizon Europe Cluster Health

Horizon Europe Cluster Health – Research and Innovation Funding

The EU Research and Innovation Programme 2021-2027 has gathered a lot of attention from the research communities around Europe this time around with their Cluster Health topics that are open for proposals. The published destinations aim to address acute and long-term problems in the healthcare ecosystem and the health and well-being of citizens from a societal point of view – without forgetting the lessons learned from the Covid-19 pandemic.

inXso 2021 MedTech Series R&D focal points

inXso 2021 MedTech Series R&D focal points

For 2021 inXso has created a webinar series outlining some specific features that are essential for global design of medical technology, and introduces some regulatory aspects in context of EU MDR and Swiss regulatory landscape, as well as some basic features from Chinese and Japanese regulations that everyone – or every company – considering these healthcare markets should now of.

How to build internationalization strategy for HealthTech

It is a known fact that most internationalization attempts fail due to lack of thorough preparation and adhering to the chosen strategy.

When it comes to life sciences – healthcare technology, biomedical technology and pharmaceuticals – that is an industry operating in a heavily regulated environment, any attempt to seek market growth through internationalization faces a multitude of specific considerations.

User-Centered Design of Medical Devices

In recent years medical technology has taken a trend towards creating personalized care while seeking ways to enhance quality for patients and to lower healthcare costs. At the same time developers have to keep in mind the ease of use of the devices and gaining regulatory approval for them in the highly internationalized market.

The Internationalization Challenge of Biomedical Innovations

The life science industry distinguishes itself from other high-technology industries with such fundamental dimensions as applying scientific knowledge to provide technological solutions aiming to improve health care and quality of life – in a highly regulated environment. At the same time, usually purchasing decisions are not made by end-consumers, but their physicians or such third party as an insurance company, for example.

Apply for HealthTech Online Pitching

Apply for HealthTech Online Pitching

On 22nd May an online pitching for HealthTech Startups is organized by inXso together with Slush China to Venture Capital investors of which there is a significant participation from the Chinese Venture Capital investment companies focused on HealthTech, BioPharma and BioMedTech.

What are the Key Points of Chinese Health Tech Initiatives - Join Discussion on May 29th

What are the Key Points of Chinese Health Tech Initiatives – Join Discussion on May 29th

In our series focusing on Health Tech in Chinese market inXso is organizing an interactive webinar “Health Tech China Focus” together with Tampere HealthHUB that will briefly discuss some of the key points and rather unique aspects of Chinese Health Tech initiatives and their implementation.

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