The Entrepreneurial Boost Program


April 1, 2023

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What is The Entrepreneurial Boost Program

Expertise Tailored to Your needs

In Practise: International Business

In Practise: Business Processes and Funding

In Practise: Digitalization and Business

Support for MedTech Startups

How to Apply

What is The Entrepreneurial Boost Program

The Entrepreneurial Boost program – or Yrittäjyysbuusti in Finnish – is a program co-funded by the Pirkanmaa region Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment, TE Services, and the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment of Finland. The program is a unique service model to support the entrepreneurial aspirations of early-stage entrepreneurs who are at the beginning of an entrepreneurial venture or business journey.

Together with BrainStormCorner, we offer multidisciplinary and multilingual expertise to create a holistic vision for the success of your business.

Entrepreneurial boost

Expertise Tailored to Your Needs

The service model is designed to provide the right expertise to match your situation and to develop your business locally or internationally. Be it the development of business processes, designing funding strategies, planning digital business models, or taking your first internationalization steps, our team will guide you through the stages.

In Practise: International Business

Depending on your choice of focus, our team will work with you to build the steps for market expansion through explicit coaching program.

A) From your products or services, we identify ones that could be in demand in a foreign market or help identify opportunities from the foreign market to Finland.

B) We will find out the suitability of the product you have already chosen for the selected target market and define the necessary marketing measures.

Within International Business Package our team can provide expertise to search for a distributor or other partner, initiate a market survey or competitor survey, and build steps for localization and translation of marketing material or web pages into the language of the target country. These could also include web commerce possibilities, planning negotiation strategy and tactics taking cultural aspects into account, as well as organizing negotiations and interpretation, for example.

In Practise: Business Processes and Funding

Depending on your choice of focus – Business processes or funding – our team will work with you to identify your business process development and financing needs for sustainable growth and scalability.

The biopharmaceutical and health technology landscape is changing as the link between the two becomes stronger, which requires a strategy to achieve the European Development Edge. On this basis, we will review your company:

a) The development needs of your business to achieve sustainable growth.

Key considerations include identifying the necessary and relevant core, operational, and support processes to increase efficiency, which a start-up needs due to limited resources. Delivering a product or service to reach customers while complying with essential administrative and regulatory requirements are key issues for start-up entrepreneurs.

b) Your financing needs for innovation, product development, and internationalization.

Identifying available sources of finance is important for start-up entrepreneurs, as cash flow is initially higher than revenue, especially if the product development cycle is long and it can take a long time to generate revenue. Funding sources may include Finnish public funding channels, private investors, and EU funding such as EIC and other funding for innovation projects.

In Practise: Digitalization and Business

Our team will work with you to analyze the best digital models to match your product or service, which could be, for example:

a) Digitalization of key aspects of your business, i.e. customer centricity, cost reduction, scalability, Big Data, IoT, and platforms.

b) Automation of routines partly or entirely through digital technologies.

c) Customer pathways, accessibility, and communication online.

d) Website redesign and look and feel. Image.

Digitalization aims to use digital technologies to transform the business model and provide new opportunities for revenue and value creation. The various benefits include increased efficiency and productivity, reduced operating costs, improved customer experience and communication, increased agility and transparency, improved competitive advantage, and faster decision-making.

Support for MedTech Startups

A newly founded biomedical technology startup faces several challenges on its way to the market. The first steps are to secure sufficient funding for the long development phase and to ensure that the product (or service) is suitable for the needs of end users. 

Every innovative startup needs to have a clear understanding of available public grants and innovation funding opportunities, as well as potential investors and other sources of finance, in order to develop a viable funding program.

On the other hand, to ensure agile market access, a startup in MedTech has to take various specific considerations during the research and product development phase, of which some essential include user research, Human Factors Engineering (HFE) process, pre-clinical and clinical investigations, design Verification and Validation (V&V) as required by regulatory compliance. 

The entrepreneurial boost program will offer a unique opportunity for MedTech startups to require expertise to focus their product development on the ‘right things’ and to have a clear understanding of what is needed for agile market access.

How to Apply

To apply for the program you need to check your eligibility:

  • The applicant is currently a part-time entrepreneur or a full-time one who started less than one year ago. E.g. in a startup. 
  • Is registered as a customer of the TE Services (TE-toimisto) with entrepreneur status. 
  • Resides in Pirkanmaa (greater Tampere) region. Nationality is irrelevant.

The Boost is personal and not per company: Several people from the same team or company could apply if they fulfill the criteria.

The steps to apply for the program:

  • Use your Finnish bank credentials or other available online identification to enter the employment office (TE office) web service “Kirjaudu palveluun” in Finnish.
  • Register as entrepreneur job-seeker -> Ilmoittaudun työnhakijaksi. Mark reason to register: Entrepreneurial Boost, Pirkanmaan yrittäjyysbuusti (Non-EU citizens need to fill in a separate application form. We can support the process.)
  • Then go to Log in from the top menu. Apply to be an “Existing entrepreneur”.
  • Wait for the application to be accepted. Then choose BrainStormCorner as the service provider.
New partnership goals inXso and BrainStormCorner

New Partnership Goals: inXso and BrainStormCorner

inXso is glad to share our new partnership goals with BrainStormCorner, founded as a business think tank with global roots, born right next to Tampere University campus. BrainStormCorner is a versatile toolbox of business services and research commercialization, based on long international and multidisciplinary experience.


Life Science & Medical Technology EXPO’s in Asia 2022 – Where you should start

Expos, trade fairs, and shows are a way to build business networks and search for partners that open new potential markets. It brings a lot of positive exposure for companies and their innovations, builds customer interest, and opens doors for collaborative projects along the life science and medical technology value chain.

Horizon Europe Cluster Health

Horizon Europe Cluster Health – Research and Innovation Funding

The EU Research and Innovation Programme 2021-2027 has gathered a lot of attention from the research communities around Europe this time around with their Cluster Health topics that are open for proposals. The published destinations aim to address acute and long-term problems in the healthcare ecosystem and the health and well-being of citizens from a societal point of view – without forgetting the lessons learned from the Covid-19 pandemic.

inXso 2021 MedTech Series R&D focal points

inXso 2021 MedTech Series R&D focal points

For 2021 inXso has created a webinar series outlining some specific features that are essential for global design of medical technology, and introduces some regulatory aspects in context of EU MDR and Swiss regulatory landscape, as well as some basic features from Chinese and Japanese regulations that everyone – or every company – considering these healthcare markets should now of.

How to build internationalization strategy for HealthTech

It is a known fact that most internationalization attempts fail due to lack of thorough preparation and adhering to the chosen strategy.

When it comes to life sciences – healthcare technology, biomedical technology and pharmaceuticals – that is an industry operating in a heavily regulated environment, any attempt to seek market growth through internationalization faces a multitude of specific considerations.

User-Centered Design of Medical Devices

In recent years medical technology has taken a trend towards creating personalized care while seeking ways to enhance quality for patients and to lower healthcare costs. At the same time developers have to keep in mind the ease of use of the devices and gaining regulatory approval for them in the highly internationalized market.

The Internationalization Challenge of Biomedical Innovations

The life science industry distinguishes itself from other high-technology industries with such fundamental dimensions as applying scientific knowledge to provide technological solutions aiming to improve health care and quality of life – in a highly regulated environment. At the same time, usually purchasing decisions are not made by end-consumers, but their physicians or such third party as an insurance company, for example.

Apply for HealthTech Online Pitching

Apply for HealthTech Online Pitching

On 22nd May an online pitching for HealthTech Startups is organized by inXso together with Slush China to Venture Capital investors of which there is a significant participation from the Chinese Venture Capital investment companies focused on HealthTech, BioPharma and BioMedTech.

What are the Key Points of Chinese Health Tech Initiatives - Join Discussion on May 29th

What are the Key Points of Chinese Health Tech Initiatives – Join Discussion on May 29th

In our series focusing on Health Tech in Chinese market inXso is organizing an interactive webinar “Health Tech China Focus” together with Tampere HealthHUB that will briefly discuss some of the key points and rather unique aspects of Chinese Health Tech initiatives and their implementation.

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