What are the Key Points of Chinese Health Tech Initiatives? Join Discussion on May 29th

May 21, 2020


Satu Peltonen

Beijing sky scraper & cctv tower

Photo credit goes to Xixi Zou, a Beijing-based marketing expert who loves photographing and traveling.

China World Trade Center (CWTC) also known as China World is located in the heart of Beijing Central Business District (CBD), one of the most important international financial centers in China.

What are we discussing?

In our series focusing on Health Tech in Chinese market inXso is organizing an interactive webinar “Health Tech China Focus” together with Tampere HealthHUB that will briefly discuss some of the key points and rather unique aspects of Chinese Health Tech initiatives and their implementation.

We will take a look on the concept of “Big Data” and its role on Health Tech development as well as in market research and marketing from a Chinese point of view, but we will also provide an overview of the regulatory and IP landscape in China that European Health Tech companies should be aware of before aiming at the Chinese markets.

As a hierarchical society China has its own perspectives in R&D management structure that will influence on the decision making and communication, and we will see to the advantages and disadvantages that this might bring into the collaboration with western companies.

We have created a Health Tech China Focus -channel in Microsoft Teams that will open using the following link:

We wish to make this an interactive discussion rather than just an informative webinar, and therefore the participants may share their comments and questions in the chat room.

Welcome to join us!



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