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We help businesses in the fields of biotechnology, biomedical technology, and health technology to validate their innovations according to user needs.



Scientific and technological analysis

Product adaptation

Risk management

Verification and validation



We are your one-stop BioMed innovation support

We are your co-development partner from idea formation to commercialization. We can help you all the way, or in chosen stages, with the product development process including analysis and interdisciplinary research, verification and validation testing, or compliance with EU and FDA regulations. We have expertise in national regulations in China, Japan, and Switzerland.

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We help businesses in the fields of biomedical technology, biomedical engineering and health technology.

Small and medium-sized businesses




Large enterprises: medical device manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies


Said about Satu

She has broad expert knowledge, and therefore integrated herself very quickly in the field of her work. She learns quickly and makes proper use of new knowledge.

She is an initiative personality who is able to bring in good and realizable ideas. The results of her work are always on time.

She immediately realized the importance of exact documentation in design verification, and always writes professional test reports. The organization and quality of her work is top level.