The Story

Satu Peltonen is the powermind behind inXso. She is a developer with a vast international experience in biotechnical and biomedical engineering.

Satu Peltonen

Founder & Manager

Satu is the co-development partner for next-generation innovations.

After over twenty years of international experience in between Finland, Germany, US, Switzerland, Japan and China she decided to realize the idea of inXso; focusing on the internationalization development of medical innovations.

Engineer at heart, she has been involved in diverse research and development projects over the past decade including development and validation of entirely new types of measuring equipment and diagnostic devices encompassing such features as chemical-physical properties of medicinal products, microfluidics, computer-based optical measurement, cell-based analytics and much more.

Her expertise lies in the method development and optimization of such biomedical products like drug delivery devices, implantable devices and diagnostic devices to ensure their safety for patients and healthcare professionals alike.

Her multidisciplinary background in the intersection of biotechnology, engineering, and biomedical research has given her a holistic understanding of biomedical devices and their international development and those requirements regulating their market entry.




Said about Satu

She has a deep technological knowledge which she combines with scientific research.

She has broad expert knowledge, and therefore integrated herself very quickly in the field of her work. 

The organization and quality of her work is top level.

She is an initiative personality who is able to bring in good and realizable ideas. 

She immediately realized the importance of exact documentation in design verification, and always writes professional test reports. 

She is a very international person possessing excellent adaptability.

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