HealthTech Articles

Internationalisation Services for EIC Beneficiaries in the Healthcare Sector

Internationalisation services for EIC beneficiaries in the healthcare sector are provided by inXso in the framework of the EIC Ecosystem Partnership.

Healing Childhood Abuse Wounds

The trauma experienced in childhood can have lasting effects that can manifest in a variety of ways on a person’s mental wellbeing in adulthood.

Innovation for Mental Wellness

Innovation for mental wellness tackles the problems caused by poor access to mental health care services that lead to significant public health issues.

How to Build Internationalisation Strategy for HealthTech

An internationalisation strategy for healthcare technology faces a multitude of specific considerations due to its operation in a heavily regulated environment.

Apply for HealthTech Online Pitching

HealthTech Online Pitching is organised by inXso and Slush China for HealthTech Startups. Take advantage of this unique opportunity and Reboot the Future.